How to Access the Internet (A Guide from 2025)

Welcome to the Internet! By following the simple rules below, you make sure your internet experience is smooth and risk free.


Before signing on, please ensure you have received your RealIdentity card from local authorities. Signing on to the internet without identifying yourself has been ruled illegal in the Stop Anonymity Act of 2012, and you need to be sure to associate your comments, emails, posts and more with your real name. Setting up your RealIdentity is easy, as your computer (MacOS 15 or ChromeOS7 and higher) will automatically connect to your near-by card, verifying it with your biometric data. Do not put on shades, veils, contact lenses, and please shave before the biometric scan starts; it is advised to not perform biometric authentication after a long night of drinking.

En riktigt bra skriven framtidsvision som den kan se ut om upphovsrättsindustrin (och personer som Tiziano Motti) får sin vilja igenom. Läs hela här.

3 Responses to How to Access the Internet (A Guide from 2025)

  1. mrperfect72 says:

    Please insert the rectum balancing device before logging on! The rectum balancing device will provide appropriate modern smart drugs to ensure a balanced experience without any criticism against the state and will leave you smiling like a child in a candy store even if the state and its creators has left your life in a big mess.

    Best regards
    Bot Q4

  2. Beelzebjörn says:

    Loading SkyNet…


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